List of XNode Abilities

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This is a list of the Ability VIs for XNodes in LabVIEW 8.20. (Originally created by Dany Allard and updated by Aitor Solar)

Ability Name Public Name Provides UI? OS Messages Handled? Deprecated in LabVIEW 8.20
State State N/A N/A No
AdaptToInputs AdaptToInputs No No No
AugmentSelf AugmentSelf No No No
AutotoolRegions GetAutotoolRegions No No No
Bounds GetBounds No No No
BuildMenu BuildMenu2 No No Yes, use BuildMenu3
BuildMenu3 BuildMenu3 No No No
BuildPopup BuildMenu No No Yes, use BuildMenu3
CanAcceptDataDrag CanAcceptDataDrag No No Yes, use CanAcceptDataDrag2
CanAcceptDataDrag2 CanAcceptDataDrag2 No No No
Compare Compare No No No
Copy Copy No No No
DataDrag OnDataDrag Yes Yes Yes, use DataDrag2
DataDrag2 OnDataDrag2 Yes Yes No
DisplayName GetDisplayName No No No
DoubleClick OnDoubleClick Yes Yes No
Feedsthrough CalculateFeedthrough No No No
GenerateCode GenerateCode No No No
GetDataForDrag GetDataForDrag No No No
GetDisplayName2 GetDisplayName2 No No No
GetErrors3 GetErrors3 No No No
GetTerms3 GetTerms3 No No No
GrowInfo GetGrowInfo No No No
Help GetHelp No No No
Image GetImage No No No
Initialize Initialize No No No
ListErrors GetErrors No No Yes, use GetErrors3
ListErrors2 GetErrors2 No No Yes, use GetErrors3
Message Message No No No
MessageWithUI MessageWithUI Yes Yes No
MessageWithoutEffect MessageWithoutEffect No No No
MessageWithUIWithoutEffect MessageWithUIWithoutEffect Yes Yes No
ModifyCode ModifyCode No No No
MutateForPrevious MutateForPrevious No No No
OnFontChange OnFontChange No No No
OperateClick OnOperateClick Yes Yes No
RefeeChanged OnRefeeChange No No No
ReplaceSelf ReplaceSelf No No No
RespondToDrop OnDrop Yes Yes No
SaveForPrevious SaveForPrevious No No No
SelectMenu SelectMenu2 Yes Yes Yes, use SelectMenu3
SelectMenu3 SelectMenu3 Yes Yes No
SelectPopUp SelectMenu Yes Yes Yes, use SelectMenu3
Size OnResize No No No
SpecifyInsertTerm SpecifyInsertTerm No No No
Terms GetTerms No No Yes, use GetTerms3
Terms2 GetTerms2 No No Yes, use GetTerms3
UpdateState UpdateState No No Yes, use UpdateStateWithRef
UpdateStateWithRef UpdateState2 No No No
HelpMap (Not an ability VI) N/A N/A N/A
L10N (Not an ability VI) N/A N/A N/A