Help (XNode Ability)

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Help (XNode Ability)
List of XNode Abilities
Public Name:GetHelp

This ability VI defines the XNode's context help (CH) and online help (OH) behavior.

Standard Help Info: Consists of a Description (an explanation of the XNode to appear in CH window), and Path and Tag to the OH compiled html file. Use Detailed Help?: Set to false to allow the default context help and online help to be built using only those fields in Standard Help Info. Set to true to specify, in Detailed Help Info, the context help image and terminals to be drawn in context help. Detailed Help Info: Consists of an Image to display to the CH window, the Bounds of this image, and the Terms to draw in the CH window for this Image. Use Subitem Help? and Subitem Help Info: Reserved for future use.

This ability VI is called whenever the CH system calls needs to update the CH window, and on a right click (to get the OH Path and Tag). The CH system is guaranteed to update the CH window whenever any of the following replies is sent: UpdateHelp, UpdateImage, UpdateImageAndBounds, UpdateLabel, UpdateTerms.

Default behavior: None.

This ability does not provide UI and OS messages are not handled.