BuildMenu (XNode Ability)

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BuildMenu (XNode Ability)
List of XNode Abilities
Public Name:BuildMenu2
Deprecated, prefer:BuildMenu3

This ability VI is used to describe the menu LabVIEW will display in response to a popup (right) click or a ShowMenu reply from OperateClick.

Click Type is the type of click that led to this call of the ability. Point is the location of the user's popup click, and is relative to the top-left corner of your XNode's bounds. You may use this point to make your popup sensitive to the location that was clicked. Show Standard Items? is applicable only if Click Type is Popup, and tells LabVIEW whether it should include the standard popup items that are included on every node in LabVIEW.

Menu Specification is an array of clusters describing the menu. Item: A string that will appear in the menu. StartSub: The current string will be the header for a pull right menu. EndSub: The current string will be the last item in a pull right menu. Checked: The current item will have a check mark next to it. Disabled: The current item will be diabled and greyed out. Separator: The current item will be a separator. Item string is not displayed. Help: The text that should be displayed in context help when this menu item is hovered over. This functionality is currently not implemented.

The index from this array will be an input to SelectMenu.

Remember to localize the strings in your menu.

Default behavior: Only show standard items for a popup click, show nothing for operate click.

This ability does not provide UI and OS messages are not handled.

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