AutotoolRegions (XNode Ability)

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AutotoolRegions (XNode Ability)
List of XNode Abilities
Public Name:GetAutotoolRegions

This ability VI is called by LabVIEW to determine which tool to use when hovering over an xnode in edit mode, if autotool is turned on. The Bounds of each region is a rectangular region of the xnode in coordinates relative to the top left corner of the xnode. Tool is the autotool that should be used when the user hovers over the particular region of the xnode.

LabVIEW will sort the Regions by Priority so that lower priority regions are tried first in determining what tool to use.

This VI cannot override autotool behavior on grow handles and terminal whiskers of xnodes.

LabVIEW may cache the Regions array and can also call this VI if the Regions array is not currently cached. To force LabVIEW to call this VI and update its autotool regions, use the Reply of "UpdateAutotoolRegions".

Default behavior: None.

This ability does not provide UI and OS messages are not handled.