Compare (XNode Ability)

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Compare (XNode Ability)
List of XNode Abilities
Public Name:Compare

This ability VI is used to compare two instances of your XNode and report the differences to LabVIEW. Data In is the state information of the other instance of your XNode.

Diffs is an array of clusters describing the differences. Major?: A value of true indicates that the difference is a major one. A value of false indicates a minor one. Functional?: A value of true indicates that the difference is functional. A value offalse indicates that it is cosmetic. Description: A description of the difference. Remember to localize it.

Default behavior: Report no differences based on state. LabVIEW will still report changes in terminal configuration or bounds. If you implement this method, LabVIEW will not check your terminals or bounds for you, but it will still check breakpoints, descriptions, and labels.

This ability does not provide UI and OS messages are not handled.