L10N (XNode Ability)

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L10N (XNode Ability)
List of XNode Abilities
Note: This is not an ability VI.

This VI is used for localization. It is never called by LabVIEW, but it is the required mechanism for localization. All strings used by your XNode that are visible to the should be entered into the arrays on the front panel of this VI. The contents of the two arrays should be exactly the same. A localization tool will be run on this VI to translate the Localized Strings array, and this VI will map the original string to the new ones. Remeber to popup and select Data Operations>>Make Current Value Default after you modify the contents of the arrays. You shouldn't need to modify the block diagram. Just make sure that before you insert a string into a menu or image, you pass it to this VI to localize it. You don't need to do this with text appearing in dialogs if you tag the dialog as needing localization.

If you need to delocalize a string, then wire a false constant to the Localize terminal.