SaveForPrevious (XNode Ability)

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SaveForPrevious (XNode Ability)
List of XNode Abilities
Public Name:SaveForPrevious

This ability VI is called by LabVIEW when a user does Save For Previous on the VI that contains this xnode. Use this VI to script a replacement for your xnode which can be saved for previous. The VI gives you a reference to a diagram that contains terminals corresponding to your xnode's terminals.

You script your replacement for the xnode into this diagram, and then your xnode is replaced with what you have scripted in the diagram, if Success? is true.

All XNodes run their SaveForPrevious method before traditional Save For Previous is done on the VIs containing the XNodes. Note that you should only script VIs and XNodes present in the previous labview version.

Default behavior: None.

This ability does not provide UI and OS messages are not handled.

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