Terms2 (XNode Ability)

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Terms2 (XNode Ability)
List of XNode Abilities
Public Name:GetTerms2
Deprecated, prefer:GetTerms3

This ability VI is used to describe your terminals to LabVIEW. Terms is an array of clusters describing the XNode's terminals. ID: A unique string identifying the terminal. Name: The name of the terminal visible to the user. Remember to localize it. Type: The data type of the terminal (as a Variant). The data put in the variant will be used as the default for the input terminal if it's left unwired. Bounds: A rectangle defining the bounds of the terminal relative to the bounds of the XNode. The bounds must be within the bounds of the XNode, and for whiskers to draw properly, they must be flush with at least one side of the XNode. Input?: Indicates whether or not this terminals is an input. Required?: Indicates whether the user must wire this terminal for the XNode to not be broken. Ignored on outputs. Recommended?: Indicates whether the terminal is recommended. Hidden?: Indicates whether the terminal is hidden. When a terminal is hidden, it cannot be wired to via user interaction or scripting. However, if it is already wired to when the hidden flag is changed to true, it will remain wired. Adaptive?: Indicates that the term should change to match the type of its source if it is wired.

The IDs are used by LabVIEW to keep track of your terminals. When you respecify your terminals, LabVIEW can tell whther terminals are new, deleted, or moved by the unique IDs. The order is irrelevant. If you move a terminal, then any wire connected to it will move with it.

If you want to update your terminals, you should return the UpdateTerms reply in one of your ability VIs.

Default behavior: None.

This ability does not provide UI and OS messages are not handled.