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Stay tuned after the event for the recorded sessions.


Main Stage

  1. When and How to (Better) Use G Interfaces by Dmitry Sagatelyan
  2. Mock Object Framework by Sam Taggart
  3. Actor Framework Tester by Sam Taggart
  4. Awesome .NET Stuff You Can Use (Instead Of Writing It Yourself) by Hope Harrison
  5. PaneRelief 2.0 by Hope Harrison
  6. How to Setup a Private GPM Repository by Stephen Moore
  7. Sales Techniques to Refine Requirements by Timothy Nolan
  8. Black Magic Secrets of RF by Norm Kirchner
  1. Git Going - A LabVIEW Project template wizard for starting new projects using Git Source Code Control by Chris Roebuck
  2. How a Trip to McDonalds Can Help You Learn OOP by Malcom Myers
  3. Git IS-NOT-A SCC: The Adapter Pattern over Inheritance by Christian Butcher
  4. Seven things you Can or Can't do with LabVIEW and Docker by Christian Butcher
  5. Rapid Dashboard Prototyping for Data Presentation and Analytics by Michal Radziwon
  6. Forcing of cRIO/cDAQ for Hardware State Simulation by Aaron Gelfand
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Breakout Sessions

Approaches to Commonly Solved Problems

Drawing Inspiration from Outside the LabVIEW Community

Wild Card!

Other Fun Stuff