GLA Summit 2020/Rapid Dashboard Prototyping for Data Presentation and Analytics

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Rapid Dashboard Prototyping for Data Presentation and Analytics: Use case of LabVIEW integration with InfluxDB and Grafana by Michal Radziwon

The unmatched power of LabVIEW lays in graphical-based programming that allows rapid development of measurement and data acquisition applications. However, in the world of rapidly changing expectations of user experience for data visualization and ease of analytics. LabVIEW's vi front panels can be considered as very conservative.

This session presents an approach to bridge this gap by integrating LabVIEW as a data source with a time-series database (InfluxDB) for data storage together with analytics and interactive visualization web application (Grafana).

This triad allows for rapid prototyping of dashboards that allow for display and analytics of acquired data that matches contemporary UX expectations.

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