GLA Summit 2020/7x7's hosted by Fabiola De La Cueva

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7 x 7 Minute Presentations - Hosted by Fabiola De La Cueva

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Individual Presentations (Time Indexed)

  1. When and How to (Better) Use G Interfaces by Dmitry Sagatelyan (Video 1:24)
  2. Mock Object Framework by Sam Taggart (Video 8:48)
  3. Actor Framework Tester by Sam Taggart (Video 14:00)
  4. Awesome .NET Stuff You Can Use (Instead Of Writing It Yourself) by Hope Harrison (Video 20:11)
  5. PaneRelief 2.0 by Hope Harrison (Video 27:42)
  6. How to Setup a Private GPM Repository by Stephen Moore (Video 35:07)
  7. Sales Techniques to Refine Requirements by Timothy Nolan (Video 42:39)
  8. Black Magic Secrets of RF by Norm Kirchner (Video 50:17)

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