GLA Summit 2020/7x7's hosted by Tom McQuillan

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7 x 7 Minute Presentations - Hosted by Tom McQuillan

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Individual Presentations (Time Indexed)

  1. Git Going - A LabVIEW Project template wizard for starting new projects using Git Source Code Control by Chris Roebuck (Video 00:20)
  2. How a Trip to McDonalds Can Help You Learn OOP by Malcom Myers (Video 08:23)
  3. Git IS-NOT-A SCC: The Adapter Pattern over Inheritance by Christian Butcher (Video 15:38)
  4. Seven things you Can or Can't do with LabVIEW and Docker by Christian Butcher (Video 20:23)
  5. Rapid Dashboard Prototyping for Data Presentation and Analytics by Michal Radziwon (Video 31:25)
  6. Forcing of cRIO/cDAQ for Hardware State Simulation by Aaron Gelfand (Video 39:19)

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