GLA Summit 2020/TestStand goes Agile

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TestStand Goes Agile by Nikolaus (Niko) Naredi-Rainer

In this presentation I will cover a TestStand/LabVIEW architecture in an IIoT environment. Our software, covering the classical end-of-line test of a communication device for the railway service, is used for assembly and also for the repair of broken devices. This classical approach is extended with the functionality to report all ongoing processes to a JIRA Kanban board, so that the end customer is able to see in real-time the status of all devices that are under warranty. To achieve this transparency, the original LabVIEW/TestStand architecture is complemented with REST-API calls. This allows for the End-of-Line tester to automatically create components and track issues. To gain more information into the production process itself and identify steps that are most critical in the assembly of the device, the test results are additionally uploaded to a WATS database. From there, summaries like first-pass-yield or assembly times can be extracted easily.

In summary, this architecture allows a holistic view into the assembly/repair process from an engineering point of view as well as full transparency towards the end customer.

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