GLA Summit 2020/ViPER - A LabVIEW Dependency Injection Framework

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ViPER - A LabVIEW Dependency Injection Framework by Kurt Friday

ViPER was developed to minimise the effort spent on software verification & validation activities for systems used in mission-critical applications or in regulated environments such as medical device manufacturing.

Conventional systems are generally deployed as a monolithic executable containing all dependencies. Once deployed, implementing simple change can be problematic as an extensive re-verification effort is required, an activity that can take several weeks or months.

ViPER implements Dependency Injection which allows ViPER based systems to assemble themselves at runtime from a collection of pre-verified components, For systems under development, verification activity can be performed in parallel as a collection of discrete tasks, significantly reducing the overall system development time. Pre-verified components can also be shared across other systems. ViPER also simplifies change management by containing any re-verification effort to the modified component.

In this presentation, I will introduce you to the ViPER Open Source project and discuss its architecture and underlying code, along with an introduction to an RT compatible version. The presentation will include examples that demonstrate its capabilities, how it addresses the problems mentioned above, and – most importantly – how you can apply it to your next development.

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