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Array SizeIndex ArrayReplace Array SubsetInsert Into ArrayDelete From ArrayInitialize ArrayBuild ArrayArray SubsetArray Max & MinReshape ArraySort 1D ArraySort 2D ArrayShuffle 1D ArrayShuffle 2D ArrayReverse 1D ArraySearch 1D ArraySplit 1D ArrayRotate 1D ArrayIncrement Array ElementDecrement Array ElementInterpolate 1D ArrayThreshold 1D ArrayInterleave 1D ArraysDecimate 1D ArrayTranspose 2D ArrayArray ConstantArray To ClusterCluster To ArrayArray To MatrixMatrix To ArrayRemove Duplicates From 1D ArrayMatrix
About this image
Array palette (Click on a function to navigate)
Object information
Owning palette Programming palette
Type Subpalette
Requires Basic Development Environment

The Array palette provides functions for array creation and manipulation.


Matrix Subpalette.png Matrix


Functions on this palette can be categorized into:

  • Functions that create new arrays (Creating).
  • Functions that modify existing arrays (Modifying).
  • Functions that access data from arrays (Accessing).
Icon Name Category
Array Size Array Size Accessing
Index Array Index Array Accessing
Replace Array Subset Replace Array Subset Modifying
Insert Into Array Insert Into Array Modifying
Delete From Array Delete From Array Modifying
Initialize Array Initialize Array Creating
Build Array Build Array Creating
Array Subset Array Subset Accessing
Array Max & Min Array Max & Min Accessing
Reshape Array Reshape Array Modifying
Sort 1D Array Sort 1D Array Modifying
Sort 2D Array Sort 2D Array Modifying
Shuffle 1D Array Shuffle 1D Array Modifying
Shuffle 2D Array Shuffle 2D Array Modifying
Reverse 1D Array Reverse 1D Array Modifying
Search 1D Array Search 1D Array Accessing
Split 1D Array Split 1D Array Accessing
Rotate 1D Array Rotate 1D Array Modifying
Increment Array Element Increment Array Element Array Modifying
Decrement Array Element Decrement Array Element Array Modifying
Interpolate 1D Array Interpolate 1D Array Accessing
Threshold 1D Array Threshold 1D Array Accessing
Interleave 1D Arrays Interleave 1D Arrays Creating
Decimate 1D Array Decimate 1D Array Modifying
Transpose 2D Array Transpose 2D Array Modifying
Array Constant Array Constant Creating
Array To Cluster Array To Cluster Modifying
Cluster To Array Cluster To Array Creating
Array To Matrix Array To Matrix Modifying
Matrix To Array Matrix To Array Creating
Remove Duplicates From 1D Array Remove Duplicates From 1D Array Modifying