Array Subset function

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Array Subset function
Object information
Owning palette Array palette
Type Function
Requires Basic Development Environment

The Array Subset function returns a portion of an array.


Connect an array of any size and dimensionality to the n-dimensional array terminal. This creates a no-op which returns the entire input array unchanged (begin at index zero and return the rest).

Array Subset - No-op.png

Specify an index at the index terminal to return the rest of the array starting at the specified index.

Array Subset - Start at index.png

Specify a length at the length terminal to limit the maximum number of elements returned. The subarray will contain at most the number of elements defined by length.

Array Subset - Start at index and limit length.png

Best practice

  • Always connect at least one of the index or length terminals.
  • Use the Index Array function to access single elements and full subarrays.