Replace Array Subset function

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Replace Array Subset function
Object information
Owning palette Array palette
Type Function
Requires Basic Development Environment

The Replace Array Subset function replaces one or more elements or subarrays in an array.


Connect an array of any type to the n-dimension array input terminal and a new element or subarray to new element/subarray. This will replace element(s) in the array starting at index 0.

Replace Array Subset - Replace First Element.png

Specify an index at the index terminal to replace element(s) at any other position in the source array.

Replace Array Subset - Replace Specific Element.png

Change the number of replacements at the node by dragging the upper or lower side. This will cause the node to replace multiple element(s) at the second, third, ... position (index 1, 2, ...). A new element or subarray must be specified for each replacement.

Replace Array Subset - Replace Multiple Elements.png

Best practice

  • Do not specify an index for the first element or subarray (index 0).