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Functions Palette (collapsed view)

The Functions Palette is a hierarchical list of VIs, functions and constants for programming on the Block Diagram. Elements are categorized to make navigation easier and help focus on specific topics. Available categories vary based on configuration settings, installed Add-ons and license options.

The functions palette is accessible either by right-clicking any empty location on the Block Diagram or clicking on the View-->Functions Palette menu item. Alternatively the functions palette can be pinned in place so that it stays open as a floating window by clicking the push pin icon on the top-left corner of the palette window.

If accessed by right-click, the palette immediately dismisses itself after an element is selected. If pinned or accessed by menu item the palette will remain open after an element is selected.


Programming Programming
Measurement I/O Measurement I/O
Instrument I/O Instrument I/O
Vision and Motion Vision and Motion
Mathematics Mathematics
Signal Processing Signal Processing
Data Communication Data Communication
Connectivity Connectivity
Control & Simulation Control & Simulation
Express Express
Addons Addons
Favorites Favorites
User Libraries User Libraries

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