Interleave 1D Arrays function

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Interleave 1D Arrays function
Object information
Owning palette Array palette
Type Function
Requires Basic Development Environment

The Interleave 1D Arrays function takes two or more one-dimensional arrays and "interleaves" them into a single array by indexing the source arrays vertically before horizontally (take the first element of each source array, then take the second element of each source array, ...).


Connect two one-dimensional arrays to the array input terminals. The resulting array will contain all elements from the source array "interleaved".

Interleave 1D Array - Two Arrays.png

Add more source arrays by dragging the upper or lower border of the function until the desired number of elements is reached.

Interleave 1D Array - Three Arrays.png

A single source array results in a no-op in which the source array is returned unchanged.

Interleave 1D Array - No-op.png