List of LabVIEW Champions

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Complete List at LabVIEW Champions

Name Tenure Home
Albert Geven 2005-Present Netherlands
Alessandro Ricco 2005-Present Italy
André Manzolli 2005-Present Brazil
Ben Rayner 2005-Present United States
Bill Meier 2010-Present United States
Bogdan Iwinski 2010-Present Poland
Brett Percy 2005-Present Australia
Bruce Ammons 2005-Present United States
Buddy Haun 2008-Present United States
Charles Ghommidh 2005-Present France
Chris Cilino 2017-Present United States
Chris Roebuck 2013-Present United Kingdom
Christian Altenbach 2005-Present United States
Christophe Salzmann 2010-Present United States
Christopher G. Relf 2005-Present United States
Dany Allard 2013-Present Canada
Darin Kinion 2012-Present United States
David Thomson 2005-Present United States
Dennis Knutson 2005-Present United States
Ed Dickens 2005-Present United States
Fabiola De la Cueva 2012-Present United States
Gaurav Kulkarni 2013-Present India
Jack Dunaway 2010-Present United States
Jeff Bohrer 2012-Present United States
Jim Kring 2005-Present United States
Joe Hoskins 2010-Present United States
Joerg Hampel 2018-Present Austria
Jonathon Green 2012-Present Australia
Justin Goeres 2012-Present United States
Leigh Christian 2010-Present United States
Marcus Johnson 2013-Present Sweden
Mark Balla 2010-Present United States
Mark Ridgley 2013-Present United States
Mark Yedinak 2010-Present United States
Michael Aivaliotis 2005-Present Canada
Mike Porter 2008-Present United States
Muthuraman Sudalaimuthu 2013-Present India
Nancy Hollenback 2008-2010[1] United States
Norm Kirchner 2008-2008[2] United States
Quentin "Q" Alldredge 2018-Present United States
Parag Deshpande 2012-Present India
Pavan Bathla 2007-Present United States
Piotr Maj 2012-Present Poland
Putnam W. Monroe Jr. 2005-Present United States
Ray Robichaud 2005-Present Canada
Richard Sorrells 2013-Present United States
Rick Beauchaine 2005-Present United States
Richard Thomas 2012-Present England
Roger Isaksson 2013-Present Sweden
Rolf Kalbermatter 2010-Present Netherlands
Samuel James 2012-Present India
Samuel Taggart 2018-Present United States
Saverio Mercurio 2010-Present United States
Scott Hannahs 2005-Present United States
Shane O'Neill 2010-Present Switzerland
Steve Watts 2013-Present United Kingdom
Tim Robinson 2013-Present United States
Tomi Maila 2007-Present Finland
Urs Lauterburg 2005-Present Switzerland
Yair Neeman 2007-Present Israel
Zbigniew Sobków 2005-Present Poland

  1. In 2010, Nancy joined NI.
  2. Months after becoming a Champion, Norm joined NI.