Chris Cilino (LabVIEW Champion)

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Name Chris Cilino
Home Austin, Texas USA
Certification Certified LabVIEW Architect, 2014
Used LabVIEW Since: 2003 with LabVIEW 7.0
Applications Areas Semiconductor. General application development with a concentration on infrastructure.


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I graduated from the University of Texas At Austin with a Chemical Engineering degree. My first job at a startup company introduced me to programming and the G language. I was hooked almost instantly. LabVIEW made programming discoverable, and the IDE seemed to encourage not hinder my creativity Shortly thereafter I found myself in the Applications Engineering (AE) department at National Instruments. After almost 3 years in AE, I began my professional career as a G developer in the DAQ R&D team. My knowledge of software engineering grew as I owned products such as the DAQ Assistant. Not only did I owned the products, but also the infrastructure necessary to create the products. Infrastructures such as build processes, auto test suites, auto documentation, and localization.

After 7 years in R&D I decided to put on my marketing hat and joined the LabVIEW marketing team at NI for 2 more years.

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