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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get To GCentral?

Go to GCentral.org

What Is GCentral.org?

GCentral.org is the first global index of packages in the LabVIEW Community. Think of GCentral.org being to LabVIEW what PyPi.org is to Python. GCentral.org is the only place you need to look to find all packages, regardless of type.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is GCentral?

GCentral is for programmers who need to find, share or collaborate on G reusable code or software engineering tools. GCentral is a non profit organization that provides a platform for G code packages and collaboration resources.

What problems is GCentral solving?

G community members are often frustrated when looking for tools and code others have posted on the web. There are too many places to look, and most aren’t easy to find:
  • ni.com
  • lavag.org
  • LabVIEW Tools Network
  • NI package manager
  • VI Package Manager
  • G package manager
  • Git repos
  • Others
These locations often don’t reference each other. Therefore, a new or even experienced G community member can easily miss code ALREADY WRITTEN that solves their problem, resulting in wasted time duplicating code.
Furthermore, should someone want to generously contribute their code, there are significant barriers to build and distribution.

How does GCentral solve these problems?

GCentral exposes packages of all types (NIPkgs, VIPkgs, GPkgs) through a single web interface. The web interface indexes the main locations of packages.
GCentral provides software tools to build and move packages to the common locations making it easy to contribute code, and find and use each other's code.
Ultimately code that's easy to find reduces/eliminates wasted time in re-solving problems, and redirects the community's effort towards new and meaningful innovations.