Richard Thomas (LabVIEW Champion)

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NI Handle: Thoric

Home: Cambridge, England

Programming Languages: LabVIEW (incl. RT and FPGA)

Certification: Certified LabVIEW Architect

Used LabVIEW Since: 2000 (Version 6i)

Applications Areas: Software consultancy providing solutions to most scientific and industrial software challenges. Biography:

I've programmed in LabVIEW since version 6i as a post-grad student at Leicester University, where I used LabVIEW to acquire and analyse data from a large scale laminar wind tunnel. I expanded my experience further when I took up a post-doc position at the Turbomachinery Group of the Engineering Department at Cambridge University, where LabVIEW is used extensively for hardware control and instrumentation acquisition and data analysis.

I currently work as a Senior Systems Engineer at Product Technology Partners, also based in Cambridge, UK. As a software consultancy we provide solutions to almost any scientific and industrial control challenge. I'm a hugely enthusiastic LabVIEW programmer, and enjoy pushing LabVIEW and NI hardware to their limits.

I host the Cambridge LabVIEW Users Group, one of only two user groups here in the UK, and frequently present material on a wide range of topics, with my favorites being Object Oriented programming and User Interface design.

Personally, when I'm not working with LabVIEW, I'm often finding things to break so that I can fix them (I'm an aspirational DIYer), and annoying the local townsfolk every Monday night ringing the church bells as a student campanologist.

User Groups: I host and regularly present atthe Cambridge LabVIEW User Group (CLUG). We gather three times a year in the Cambridge area. Visit our website if you are interested and want to come along ( The site has its own forum pages and a downloads section that includes all our presentations and demonstration material.