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File I/O paletteOpen Data StorageWrite DataRead DataClose Data StorageSet PropertiesGet PropertiesDelete DataData File ViewerConvert to TDM or TDMSManage DataPluginsAdvanced Storage
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Storage/DataPlugin palette (Click on a function to navigate, or on the arrow to go to parent palette)
Object information
Owning palette(s) File I/O palette
Type Subpalette
Requires Basic Development Environment

Use the Storage/DataPlugin VIs to read measurement data from a variety of file formats, write data to .tdm or .tdms files, or manage DataPlugins installed on the local computer. You must download appropriate DataPlugins and register them on the local computer before you can access the corresponding file formats. Refer to the National Instruments website at to download DataPlugins.

Note: If you build an installer for a stand-alone application or shared library that uses the Storage/DataPlugin VIs, you must include the NI USI installer. To include the NI USI installer, on the Additional Installers page of the Installer Properties dialog box, remove the checkmark from the Automatically select recommended installers checkbox and place a checkmark in the NI USI checkbox.


Icon Name
Manage DataPlugins Manage DataPlugins
Advanced Storage Advanced Storage


Icon Name
Open Data Storage Open Data Storage
Write Data Write Data
Read Data Read Data
Close Data Storage Close Data Storage
Set Properties Set Properties
Get Properties Get Properties
Delete Data Delete Data
Data File Viewer Data File Viewer
Convert to TDM or TDMS Convert to TDM or TDMS


Version Change(s)
LabVIEW 2018 More info to come.