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Create Cursor From FileSet CursorDestroy CursorSet BusyUnset Busy
About this image
Cursor palette (Click on a function to navigate, or on the arrow to go to parent palette)
Object information
Owning palette(s) Dialog & User Interface palette
Type Subpalette
Requires Basic Development Environment

Use the Cursor VIs to change the appearance of the cursor on the front panel of a VI. For example, if the VI is acquiring or analyzing data and can accept no user input, you might want to change the cursor to an hourglass or watch cursor. After the VI finishes acquiring or analyzing data and can accept user input, you can change the cursor back to the default cursor.


Icon Name
Create Cursor From File Create Cursor From File
Set Cursor Set Cursor
Destroy Cursor Destroy Cursor
Set Busy Set Busy
Unset Busy Unset Busy


Version Change(s)
LabVIEW 2018 More info to come.