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The ProjectItem class in VI Server allows you to inspect and modify items that appear in the Project window, such as VIs, virtual folders, classes, libraries, etc.

If you have a reference to a ProjectItem, you can read the Type String property (short name is TypeString) of the item to identify what kind of item it is:

TypeString property.png

This is the same string you can use for the Type parameter of the Get All Descendents method of the ProjectItem class to get all children of a ProjectItem that match a specific type:

Get All Descendents method.png

The following table lists valid Type String values and their descriptions. Update this table with new type strings as you discover them.

Type String Description
Ability VI Ability VI within an XControl or XNode
Build Build Specifications node under every target
Class Private Data Private Data Control inside a LabVIEW Class
Compact Vision System Target Real-Time Compact Vision System target
CompactRIO Ethernet Device Ethernet RIO target
CompactRIO Windows Windows CompactRIO target
cRIO Chassis CompactRIO Chassis under a cRIO RT target
Dependencies Dependencies node under every target
Directives Directives items created for VIs by FPGA IP Builder
DLL Shared Library (DLL) node under Build Specifications
Document Non-LabVIEW files, like images, text files, etc.
ECATEbusSlave EtherCAT slave device
ECATEnetSlave EtherCAT slave device
ECATMaster EtherCAT master device
EXE Application (EXE) node under Build Specifications
Elemental IO IO Resource under an FPGA target
elvisRIO Chassis Chassis under an ELVIS RIO target
Embedded Vision System Target NI Embedded Vision System target
FPGA Base Clock Base clock under an FPGA target
FPGA Component Level IP RIO DRAM
FPGA Derived Clock Derived clock under an FPGA target
FPGA FIFO FIFO node under an FPGA target
FPGA Generic Target Networked Computer/Device target
FPGA Memory Block Memory node under an FPGA target
FPGA Target FPGA target (R-series device, cRIO target, etc.)
Folder Virtual folder or an auto-populating folder
HTTP WebResources Container Web Resources folder under a Web Service node
IO Server I/O Server node under a target
IP Builder Target IP Builder node under an FPGA target
Installer Installer node under Build Specifications
LVClass LabVIEW class
Library LabVIEW project library
LibraryData Hidden ProjectItem that contains internal information about an LVStatechart library
Localhost In some projects with a Real-Time target, the 'My Computer' target will have a type of 'Localhost' instead of 'My Computer'.
LVLibp Packed Project Library (PPL)
LVStatechart LabVIEW StateChart Module library
LVStatechartVIItem Hidden ProjectItem that contains internal information about an LVStatechart library
Method VI Method VI in an XControl
Module Container Real-Time Scan Resources node under an RT Chassis
My Computer My Computer node under the root Project
Packed Library Packed Library node under Build Specifications
Project Root project item at the top of the Project Explorer
Property Definition Property definition folder under a LabVIEW Class
Property Folder Property folder in an XControl
Property VI Property VI in an XControl
RIO C Series Module CompactRIO module that appears under the FPGA Target node under an RT CompactRIO target
RIO Subresource Resource under a RIO module. For example, an SD Card node.
RT CDAQ Chassis Real-Time CompactDAQ Chassis target
RT CompactRIO RT CompactRIO target
RT Desktop Real-Time Desktop target
RT elvisRIO ELVIS RIO target
RT FlexRIO Real-Time FlexRIO target
RT Generic Generic RT Target
RT Industrial Controller Real-Time Industrial Controller target
RT myRIO myRIO target
RT PXI Chassis RT PXI Target
RT roboRIO roboRIO target
RT Single-Board RIO RT Single-Board RIO Target
Robotics Environment Simulator Simulated robot device
sbRIO Chassis Single-Board RIO Chassis that appears under an RT Single-Board RIO target
Smart Camera Target Real-Time Industrial Smart Camera Target
Source Distribution Source Distribution node under Build Specifications
Startup VIs Container Startup VIs folder under a Web Service node
TestItem Test file (.lvtest) from the Unit Test Framework
TestVectorItem Test vector file (.lvvect) from the Unit Test Framework
TouchPanel Touch Panel target
VI Virtual Instrument (VI)
Variable Shared Variable node under a library or a target
Web Service Web Service node
XControl XControl library
XNode XNode library
Zip File Zip File node under Build Specifications
.NET Interop Assembly .NET Interop Assembly node under Build Specifications
{69A947D5-514E-4E75-818E-69657C0547D8} Real-Time Application node under Build Specifications (under an RT Target)
{9C5E1E31-72F0-41E9-9B17-FFBE4626F549} IP Build node under Build Specifications (under an IP Builder target)
{E661DAE2-7517-431F-AC41-30807A3BDA38} Package node under Build Specifications
{F4C5E96F-7410-48A5-BB87-3559BC9B167F} Compilation node under Build Specifications (under an FPGA target)