LVLPS File Extension

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The LVLPS File Extension (*.lvlps), or LabVIEW Local Project Settings, stores project settings that are specific to the local machine. You should not check .lvlps files into source code control because .lvlps files contain settings specific to the computer you are using; for example, .lvlps files contain the local source code control configuration. LabVIEW saves .lvlps files when you save a project, and correctly renames the file when you rename a project. You can remove or delete .lvlps files without affecting the performance or behavior of a project because .lvlps files only contain project settings specific to the local machine. If you build an application, LabVIEW does not copy the .lvlps file into the built application.

Information saved in the .lvlps file includes:

  • the current size/position of the Project Explorer window as left, top, right, and bottom coordinates in the screen coordinate system