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VI Server Class Information
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Class Name NamedNumeric class
Class ID 19
Scope Basic Development Environment
Class Inheritance
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The NamedNumeric class is a class in the VI Server Class Hierarchy, (see also VI Server).


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R/WReadable/Writable Permissions
RTEAvailable in the Run-Time Engine
Basic Development Environment
VI Scripting
NamedNumeric Properties Table
Property ID Long Name (English) Description R/W RTE
633C800Named Numeric SizeSize of the named numeric in terms of width and height in pixels.Read/WriteYes
633C801Named Numeric Size:WidthWidth of the named numeric in pixels.Read/WriteYes
633C802Named Numeric Size:HeightHeight of the named numeric in pixels.Read/WriteYes
633C803Named Numeric ColorsRead/WriteYes
633C804Named Numeric Colors:Text ColorRead/WriteYes
633C805Named Numeric Colors:BG ColorRead/WriteYes
633C806Digital DisplayReference to a numeric text digital display.Read OnlyYes
633C807Strings []Array of the items from which you can select in the named numeric control. For enumerated type controls, the index of each item in the array is the same as the value in the enumerated type control. For ring controls, the order of the items in the array is the same as the order in which they are displayed in the ring control.Read/WriteYes
633C808Disabled Items []Accepts an array of indexes on a ring object to disable. Indexes are 0 based. Disabled Items () enables every item in the ring upon execution. The property then disables items that correspond to indexes that appear in the array. If the array is empty or some values are out of range, LabVIEW ignores those items and does not return an error. All other items in the ring object are enabled.Read/WriteYes
633C809Number of ItemsNumber of items in the ring or enumerated type object. This property is useful for animation.Read OnlyYes (Read Only)
633C80ANamed Numeric FontRead/WriteYes
633C80BNamed Numeric Font:NameRead/WriteYes
633C80CNamed Numeric Font:SizeRead/WriteYes
633C80DNamed Numeric Font:BoldRead/WriteYes
633C80ENamed Numeric Font:ItalicRead/WriteYes
633C80FNamed Numeric Font:UnderlineRead/WriteYes
633C810Named Numeric Font:StrikeoutRead/WriteYes
633C811Named Numeric Font:ColorRead/WriteYes
633C812Ring TextReturns a reference to the text of the currently selected item in the ring or enumerated type object.Read OnlyYes
633C813Increment/Decrement Visible?Shows or hides the increment and decrement buttons on a numeric control.Read/WriteYes
633C814Hide Last ValueRead/WriteYes


This class has no methods or it inherits methods from its parent: Numeric Class.


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Basic Development Environment
VI Scripting
NamedNumeric Events Table
Code Name Description Type
1073741890Operate Menu Activation
1073741891Operate Menu Dismissed


Version Change(s)
LabVIEW 2018 More info to come.

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