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Programming paletteTick Count (ms)High Resolution Relative SecondsWait (ms)Wait Until Next ms MultipleStall Data FlowGet Date/Time StringGet Date/Time In SecondsDate/Time To SecondsSeconds To Date/TimeTo Time StampEx_Inst_Time DelayEx_Inst_Elapsed TimeHigh Resolution Polling WaitFormat Date/Time StringTime Stamp Constant
About this image
Timing palette (Click on a function to navigate, or on the arrow to go to parent palette)
Object information
Owning palette(s) Programming palette
Type Subpalette
Requires Basic Development Environment

Use the Timing VIs and Functions to manipulate the speed at which an operation executes and to retrieve time and date information from the computer clock.


Icon Name
Tick Count (ms) Tick Count (ms)
High Resolution Relative Seconds High Resolution Relative Seconds
Wait (ms) Wait (ms)
Wait Until Next ms Multiple Wait Until Next ms Multiple
Stall Data Flow Stall Data Flow
Get Date/Time String Get Date/Time String
Get Date/Time In Seconds Get Date/Time In Seconds
Date/Time To Seconds Date/Time To Seconds
Seconds To Date/Time Seconds To Date/Time
To Time Stamp To Time Stamp
Ex_Inst_Time Delay Ex_Inst_Time Delay
Ex_Inst_Elapsed Time Ex_Inst_Elapsed Time
High Resolution Polling Wait High Resolution Polling Wait
Format Date/Time String Format Date/Time String
Time Stamp Constant Time Stamp Constant


Version Change(s)
LabVIEW 2018 More info to come.