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Changing the front panel VI colour

Prior to LV7.0 there was no nice way to do this, however there are some workarounds. You can either place a large color box indicator covering the entire panel area and move it to the background. Changing the color of this indicator would look the same as changing the front panel color. Or, an alternative is to use a large boolean indicator and change it's colour via an atrribute node.

Now in LV7.0 you can get a VI Server reference to the front panel and change the colour using a property node. Please see attached image.

Minimize a caller VI while a subVI is running.

If you would like to minimize the caller VI, for example if you have a main VI that does essentially nothing while the subVI that it calls is executing, you need to reference your calling VI. So upon calling your subVI the first action would be to open a reference to your calling VI and size its front panel appropriately by using the VI Property Node. Then when exiting the subVI after completing execution you can restore the calling VI's front panel to its original size and close the reference.

Under Windows 98/2000 you can effect the above behavior with a couple of simple calls to the user32.dll API. First you get a handle to the window of the calling VI (or other Window) and then call either:




The info on making the calls can be found for free at Microsoft at:

or by going to and search on ShowWindow or AnimateWindow.