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Keynote Sessions

Tuesday Morning General Keynote: Future Faster (Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018)

Speakers (Order of Appearance):

Solving the Big Challenges of Today (video)
  • Eric Strakloff, Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, NI
A Team Is Needed to Solve Big Problems (video)
  • Shelley Gretlein, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, NI
  • Luke Schreier, Director of Automated Test Product Marketing in Test Systems, NI
Innovation in Vehicle Infotainment Test With Mazda (video)
  • Tomohiko Adachi, Senior Principle Engineer, Mazda Motor Corporation
The Power of Standardization at Honeywell Aerospace (video)
  • Mark Keith, Honeywell Aerospace
Ushering in the Smart, Secure, and Connected World of 5G With NXP (video)
  • David Read, VP, Technology and Operation, NXP
  • Eric Westberg, Portfolio Manager at RF Power, NXP
NI's Mission and Commitment to Our Customers and Community (video)
  • Alex Davern, President and CEO, NI

Tuesday Afternoon General Keynote: You Are Defining the Future With Software (Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018)

Speakers (Order of Appearance):

The Future is Coming (video)
  • Shelley Gretlein, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, NI
  • Omid Sojoodi, Vice President of R&D, Application and Embedded Software, NI
Prognostic Health Management for CRRC High Speed Trains (video)
  • Zhiqiang Zhang, Director of Testing Department, CRRC Sifang Co. Ltd
  • Zongchang Liu, Chief Technical Officer, CyberInsight
Test System Management and Remote Software Deployment With Cirrus Logic (video)
  • Rob Kratsas, Director, Audio Product Marketing, Cirrus Logic
  • Dan Kimmitt, Validation Manager, Cirrus Logic
  • Chris Cilino, LabVIEW Framework Architect, Cirrus Logic
Driving Efficiency in the Test of a New Electric Flying Vehicle With Joby Aviation (video)
  • Santiago Morales, Lead Engineer, Joby Aviation
How an Industry Collaboration Between TI, Texas A&M, and NI Is Enhancing Engineering Education (video)
  • Kyle Flessner, VP, Technology and Manufacturing, Texas Instruments
  • Miroslav Begovic, Department Head, ECE, Texas A&M University
Accelerating Innovation With Investment in the NI Software Platform (video)
  • Jenifer Loy, Section Manager, Software User Experience, National Instruments
  • Kunal Patel, National Instruments
  • Josh Prewitt, Senior Group Manager, National Instruments
  • Kelsey Johnson, National Instruments
The Future of the NI Software Platform (video)
  • Duncan Hudson, Chief Platform Officer, National Instruments

Wednesday Morning General Keynote: Using a Platform to Create Systems That Deliver the Future Faster (Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018)

Speakers (Order of Appearance):

The Big Picture (video)
  • Jeff Kodosky, NI Fellow, National Instruments
Investment in Innovation to Meet Your Future Needs (video)
  • Shelley Gretlein, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, NI
  • Scott Rust, Senior Vice President, R&D, NI
Customer Defined Systems Using the NI Platform (video)
  • Chad Chesney, National Instruments
Dream Chaser® Spacecraft Pressure Test System by Sierra Nevada Corporation (video)
  • Stefan Kienle, Principal Test Engineer, Sierra Nevada Corporation
Smart Factory Test System by G Systems (video)
  • Dave Baker, Senior Vice President, G Systems
  • James Duvall, Senior Project Engineer, G Systems
Power System HIL Simulator by Cummins and Wineman Technologies (video)
  • Amy Sinkhorn, Embedded Software Validation Test Manager and Functional Excellence Leader, Cummins
  • Todd VanGlider, Vice President of Sales, Wineman Technologies Incorporated
Semiconductor Production Test System by ON Semiconductor (video)
  • Warren Latter, ON Semiconductor
  • Mike Watts, Product Manager - DMMs, Switches, and Rack Power Supplies, National Instruments

Technical Sessions

Software Engineering Processes, Architectures, and Design (SEPAD) Track

All SEPAD Videos are available from Tecnova's LabVIEW Video site, with the credentials Username: LabVIEW_Videos, Password: LabVIEW. With summaries available on the LabVIEW Center of Excellence site.

  • Tuesday, May 22
    • AF: Efficient Actor Framework Development: Structure, Messaging, and Workflow by Allen Smith, Allen Smith Consulting Software Architect (summary|slides)
    • Life Punishes the Latecomer: A Product Migration to LabVIEW NXG by Josef Eiswirt, General Sales Manager, measX GmbH & Co. KG (summary|slides)
    • Lone Wolf to Dream Team: A Journey Into Team-Based Development by Paul Morris, Dr, Precision Acoustics Ltd (summary|slides)
    • AF: Mediated Viewable Actors: Observer, Meet Model-View-ViewModel by Ethan Stern, Managing Partner, Composed Systems (summary|slides)
    • Don't Wait for LabVIEW R&D, Implement Your Own LabVIEW Features by Darren Nattinger, Principal Engineer, National Instruments (summary|slides)
    • Organize Your Code Well or You'll Screw Up Your Project by Chris Cilino, LabVIEW Framework Architect, Cirrus Logic; Deborah Burke, Senior Software Product Manager, NI; and Sumedha Ganjoo, Product Owner, NI (summary|slides)
    • AF: Understanding the Decoupling of Messaging in Actor Framework by Casey Lamers, Senior Controls Engineer, Phoenix Nuclear Labs LLC (summary|slides)
    • The Cloud Is Transforming Your Industry by Mark Black, Product Owner, National Instruments; Michael Watson, Chief Architect, National Instruments; and Daren Wilson, Principal Software Engineer, National Instruments (summary|slides)
    • VI Analyzer: Lessons From a Large Project and New Features in 2018 by Kosta Ilic, Principal Software Architect, National Instruments; and Darren Nattinger, Principal Engineer, National Instruments (summary|slides)
  • Wednesday, May 23
    • An Experienced Tech Lead's Recipe for Success by Tai Ly, Principal Software Engineer, National Instruments; and Stephen Loftus-Mercer, Principal Software Architect, National Instruments (summary|slides)
    • Evolving From Quick Coding to Good Architecture and Clean Code by Oliver Wachno, Dipl.-Ing.(FH), Ingenieurbro Oliver Wachno; and Christian Butcher, Technician, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (summary|slides)
    • Streamline Your Error Handling With the Error Process Framework by Brandon Jones, Platform Architect, Wineman Technology Inc (summary|slides)
    • Clean Code: Under the Hood of a Sophisticated Messaging Framework for a Complex Application by Mark Yedinak, Advanced Engineer, FW/SW Development, Zebra Technologies Corporation; and Yinhui Chen, Software Validation Engineer, Zebra Technologies (summary|slides)
    • SW Test: Test Strategies for Project Success: From DQMH to AF and Beyond by Samuel Taggart, Owner, System Automation Solutions LLC (summary)
    • Tuning and Detailing LabVIEW Code for Efficiency and Beauty by Christian Altenbach, Research Ophthalmologist, UCLA (summary|slides)
    • Improve Your QMH With Principles From the Model View Controller by Rob Humfeld, Chief Software Architect, JET Engineering (summary|slides)
    • OO: Case Study in Object-Oriented Design and Implementation: Building a Flexible INI File Library by Wiebe Walstra, Ing., Carya (summary|slides)
    • SW Test: Using Assertions in LabVIEW to Enable Faster Debugging and Integration Testing by Peter Horn, AES, National Instruments (summary|slides)
    • OO: LLAMA: Leveraging Object-Oriented Programming for Designing a Logging Framework by Jesse Batsche, Project Manager, DMC Inc.; and Christian Owen, Systems Engineer, DMC Inc. (summary|slides)
    • Reuse More Code: The Increasing Power of Malleable VIs by Stephen Loftus-Mercer, Principal Software Architect, National Instruments (summary)
    • SW Test: Lessons Learned From Hardware Design Applied to Software and Test-Driven Development by Fabiola De la Cueva, Certified LabVIEW Architect, Founder, Delacor; and Luis Orozco, Senior Hardware Engineer, Delacor (summary)
    • OO: SOLID Actor Programming by Dmitry Sagatelyan, CEO, Arktur Technologies LLC (summary|slides)
    • SW Test: All the Latest on Your Favorite Topic: Unit Test by Peter Bokor, Dr, IncQuery Labs; and Jon McBee, Founder, Composed Systems (summary|slides)
  • Thursday, May 24
    • CI and Deployment: Deploying a TestStand System With NI Package Manager by Sam Roundy, Chief Automation Architect, L3 Technologies (summary|slides)
    • DQMH: Tips and Tricks for a Successful DQMH-Based Project by Fabiola De la Cueva, Certified LabVIEW Architect, Founder, Delacor (summary)
    • Effective Project Management of LabVIEW Projects by Paul Herrmann, SVP - General Manager, CertTech LLC; and Ryan Smith, Sr. Staff Engineer, CertTech LLC (summary|slides)
    • UI: Developing LabVIEW User Interfaces That Don't Look Like LabVIEW by Derek Trepanier, System Engineer, Moore Good Ideas Inc (summary|slides)
    • CI and Deployment: Road to Continuous Delivery by Sumedha Ganjoo, Product Owner, NI (summary|slides)
    • DQMH: Getting XControl Functionality With Dynamically Configured Views and DQMH by Andy Fenley, Senior Test Engineer, Qorvo (summary|slides)
    • Enrich (or Maybe Create) Your Team Onboarding Plan by Lorenz Casper, Senior Field Marketing Engineer, National Instruments; and Wolfgang Rominger, Verification & Validation Engineer, NXP Semiconductor Austria (summary|slides)
    • UI: Extensible and Modular UIs: Extend the VI Server With Object-Oriented Techniques by Quentin Alldredge, Software Engineer, Q Software Innovations (summary|slides)
    • CI and Deployment: Zero to Continuous Delivery Using Jenkins Pipelines and Blue Ocean by Sreejith Sreenivasan, Systems Architect, Multics Ltd; and Vikas Koujalagi, Solutions Architect, Multics (summary|slides)
    • HAL/MAL: Designing a Real-World Hardware Abstraction Layer That Lasts by Daniel Coons, Sr. Test Engineer, Technology Service Corporation (summary|slides)
    • Practical Techniques: Gathering and Managing System Requirements by Becky Linton, Senior Software Engineer, Konrad Technologies; and Jarobit Pina Saez, Senior Engineer, ULMA Embedded Solutions (summary|slides)
    • UI: Leveraging the Windows API to Extend LabVIEW GUI Capabilities by Jeremy Marquis, Engineering Technical Lead, G Systems Inc; and George Zou, Project Engineer, G Systems Inc. (summary|slides)
    • CI and Deployment: Save Time by Building Your Source With Build Abstraction Layers by Chris Cilino, LabVIEW Framework Architect, Cirrus Logic
    • DCAF: Distributed Control and Automation Framework (DCAF) Under the Hood by Benjamin Celis, National Instruments; and Matthew Pollock, Senior Software Engineer, Integrated Engineering Services, National Instruments (summary|slides)
    • HAL/MAL: Bloomy's EFT Helps Bose BEAT Down the Cost of Test Development: A HAL/MAL Case Study Success by Grant Gothing, Chief Technology Officer, Bloomy; and James Kostinden, Lead Software Test Engineer/Manager, Bose Corporation (summary|slides)
    • Styling and Customizing WebVIs by Mark Black, Product Owner, National Instruments; and Milan Raj, Software Engineer, National Instruments (summary|slides)
    • CI and Deployment: Continuous Integration: The Rest of the Story by Derek Trepanier, System Engineer, Moore Good Ideas Inc (summary|slides)
    • DCAF: Integrating Complex High-Channel-Count Systems With LabVIEW DCAF by Ian Knox, Software Developer, Data Ahead GmbH (summary|slides)
    • HAL/MAL: NI Test Engineering Presents: How We Built Our HAL/MAL and What We Learned by Robert Feldman, Senior RF Test Engineer, National Instruments; and Ryan Friedman, Principal Software Architect, National Instruments (summary|slides)