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VI Server Class Information
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Class Name LVClassPropDefFolder class
Class ID 134
Scope Basic Development Environment
Class Inheritance
Class Children

This class has no children.

The LVClassPropDefFolder class is a class in the VI Server Class Hierarchy, (see also VI Server).


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R/WReadable/Writable Permissions
RTEAvailable in the Run-Time Engine
Basic Development Environment
VI Scripting
LVClassPropDefFolder Properties Table
Property ID Long Name (English) Description R/W RTE
435C0004ShortNameReturns the short name of the property. The short name is the name that appears in a Property Node by default.Read/WriteYes
435C0005LongNameReturns the long name of the property. The long name appears in a Property Node if you choose to display long names.Read/WriteYes
435C0006UniqueDataNameReturns the unique data name of the property. You then can use this data name with the Set Property method. The data name is never localized, but the author of the class may change the name.Read OnlyYes
435C0007SortKeyGets or sets the sorting order of the LabVIEW class property definition folder. Properties are normally sorted by their long name, but this property can override that for LabVIEW class properties. All properties with sort keys greater than or equal to zero will be sorted according to their sort key in ascending order. Properties with the same sort key will then be sorted by long name. If the sort key is -1, the property will be placed at the end of the property list, sorted by long name. The default sort key is -1.

Setting the sort key to a non-negative number effectively moves that property to the top of the properties list and leaves the other properties unchanged. Setting the sort key to -1 effectively sorts the property normally among other properties that are sorted normally.

Properties are always sorted within their class.


This class has no methods or it inherits methods from its parent: ProjectItem Class.


This class has no events or it inherits events from its parent: ProjectItem Class.


Version Change(s)
LabVIEW 2018 More info to come.

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