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VI Server Class Information
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Class Name GraphScale class
Class ID 42
Scope Basic Development Environment
Class Inheritance
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This class has no children.

The GraphScale class is a class in the VI Server Class Hierarchy, (see also VI Server).


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R/WReadable/Writable Permissions
RTEAvailable in the Run-Time Engine
Basic Development Environment
VI Scripting
GraphScale Properties Table
Property ID Long Name (English) Description R/W RTE
6330800Scale FitFits the scale to data.Read/WriteYes
6330801Offset and MultiplierCluster of offset(Xo) and multiplier(deltaX) for scaling values such that the final value equals (deltaX)*X + Xo.Read/WriteYes
6330802Offset and Multiplier:OffsetOffset, or initial value, for scaling data using (deltaX)*X + Xo.Read/WriteYes
6330803Offset and Multiplier:MultiplierMultiplier, or interval, for scaling data using (deltaX)*X + Xo.Read/WriteYes
6330804Loose FitIf TRUE, LabVIEW rounds the end markers to a multiple of the increment used for the scale.Read/WriteYes
6330805Marker Values[]Array of user-defined marker values. LabVIEW ignores this array if it cannot draw numbers without overlapping.Read/WriteYes
6330806Name LabelReference to the scale name label.Read OnlyYes
6330807Grid ColorsCluster of grid colors (major and minor) of a graph scale.Read/WriteYes
6330808Grid Colors:Major ColorColor of the major grid on the scale.Read/WriteYes
6330809Grid Colors:Minor ColorColor of the minor grid on the scale.Read/WriteYes
633080AUnit LabelReference to the unit label. You can use this reference with the Text properties.Read OnlyYes
633080BExpand Digital BusesIf TRUE, displays digital waveform data as individual data lines. If FALSE, displays the data as a bus. This property is available only for digital waveform graphs.Read/WriteYes


This class has no methods or it inherits methods from its parent: Scale Class.


This class has no events or it inherits events from its parent: Scale Class.


Version Change(s)
LabVIEW 2018 More info to come.

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