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VI Server Class Information
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Class Name IndexArray class
Class ID 16413
Scope VI Scripting
Class Inheritance
Class Children

This class has no children.

The IndexArray class is a class in the VI Server Class Hierarchy, (see also VI Server).


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R/WReadable/Writable Permissions
RTEAvailable in the Run-Time Engine
Basic Development Environment
VI Scripting
IndexArray Properties Table
Property ID Long Name (English) Description R/W RTE
636A400Index CountGets or sets the number of indexes. On a set, this property expands the node to accommodate the number of indexes you specify.Read/WriteYes
636A401Index Terminals[][]Returns an array of references to the index terminals.Read OnlyYes
636A402Output Terminals[] (Deprecated)Read OnlyYes
636A403Array Input TerminalReturns a reference to the array input.Read OnlyYes
636A404Output Terminals[]Returns an array of references to the index array output terminals.Read OnlyYes


This class has no methods or it inherits methods from its parent: GrowableFunction Class.


This class has no events or it inherits events from its parent: GrowableFunction Class.


Version Change(s)
LabVIEW 2018 More info to come.

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