Including ini settings

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There are a several situations where you might need to do this. Examples include gaining access to COM ports greater than COM10 and including fixing the fonts used on the front panel objects.

To include ini file settings you need to copy the settings from your LabVIEW ini file and save them in an ini file with the same name as your application. For example if your program is MYAPP.EXE then the ini file would be MYAPP.INI. Furthermore you need to edit the section name in the ini file to match your program name. If you look at the LabVIEW.INI file you will see that the section name is [LabVIEW], you must change this to match your application. eg [myapp] in our previous example. Place the ini file in the same directory as your built application.

The LabVIEW 8.x application builder has an option to use a custom configuration file.