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Front Panel and Block Diagram of a VI file are internally called Heaps. Across versions of LabVIEW, several storage formats were used for these heaps.

The format used in currently opened VI file can be selected in Ned options. The format used in new VI files depends on the version of LabVIEW.

Note: Changing the Heap Storage format in Ned may cause your VI to no longer open! Make sure to experiment on scrap copies of files.

Binary format 1

Used in first versions of LabVIEW. Has Resource ID of FPHP and BDHP.

Binary format 2

First update of the format, prepared to handle separation of Type Descriptors from heap data. Has Resource ID of FPHb and BDHb.

Binary format 3

After this update, all data stored within heap was separated from the main heap tree, dividing heap into two blocks: structure and data. Has Resource ID of FPHc and BDHc.

Verbose Tagged Text

A text based format, created bo be easily readable by humans.

XML format

Since the structure of the heap fits XML format perfectly, would be a sin not to add such option. Has Resource ID of FPHX and BDHX.