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VI Server Property Information
Property ID 632A813
Scope VI Scripting
Data Name UID
Short Name* UID
Long Name* UID
* Displayed here in English. Short and Long names appear in the language of the LabVIEW IDE.
Owning Class ID 36
Owning Class Name GObject Class
Data Type I32 data type


Property Node UID
Available in Real-Time Operating SystemYes
Available in Run-Time EngineYes
Loads the block diagram into memoryNo
Loads the front panel into memoryNo
Need to authenticate before useNo
PermissionsRead Only
Remote access allowedYes
Settable when the VI is runningNo

Returns the unique identifier (UID) for the object. UIDs are identifiers for LabVIEW objects and are always unique within the same VI. Inspect the UID of an object to verify that it is the exact object that you want to manipulate.

A UID is always associated with the same object, even after you save the VI. However, if you delete an object, LabVIEW might assign the UID for that deleted object to a different object in the future. To detect this situation and ensure each UID refers to the object that you expect, check the Class Name property or Control class/Label property of the object in addition to the UID.



Version Change(s)
LabVIEW 2018 More info to come.

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