GLA Summit 2020/Using a Message Broker with DQMH Actors for High Speed/Throughput Data Logging

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Using a Message Broker with DQMH Actors for High-Speed Data Logging by Chris Roebuck and Becky Linton

Tasked with creating a hardware agnostic, highly configurable, high-throughput data logger for ADAS applications we implemented the Mediator pattern using multiple modified-DQMH actors with a message broker. In this session, we will review the requirements, high-level design objectives, and review the solution and take a deeper dive into some of the specific technologies used such as malleable VIs, eDVRs, and Message Brokers. **As this presentation comes at the end of the project and is following on from an earlier version given at VI Week we will also present a lessons-learned / project wash up......a chance to share what we learned, some painful lessons, and not just show off implementation details.

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