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Wednesday 21st August 2019

  • State Machines Done Right by Steve Watts
  • A Class-Based Producer/Consumer Loop Actor Architecture by Malcolm Myers
  • A Route to Strongly Typed Nirvana by John Medland
  • Rebar: What Rust Can Teach G by Ben Leedom
  • Efficient Working with Databases in LabVIEW by Sam Sharp
  • Application Design Around SQLite by Dr James Powell
  • Test Driven Development - A Real World Example by Sam Taggart
  • Why Bother With Continuous Integration? by Chris Woodhams
  • Git Submodules - An Alternative Approach to Code Reuse by Greg Payne

Thursday 22nd August 2019

  • A Practical Guide to Signal Acquisition by Gary Boorman
  • Importance of Abstraction & Standardisation in Automated Test & Measurement Systems by Jonathan Hobson
  • 5 Tips to Efficient FPGA Programming in LabVIEW by Ian Billingsley
  • Developing Plugin Tools: Take Your Frustrations Away by Tom McQuillan
  • Designing Advanced UI/UX for LabVIEW Based Applications by Arev Hambardzumyan
  • Start Programming Web Applications in Pure G, Now! by Matthias Baudot
  • Panel Discussion: How to introduce new members to a team of LabVIEW developers (and keep them there!) by Ben Carruthers-Watt
  • Hammers, Nails and Philosophical Tales by Darren Mather