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GDevCon is an independent organisation dedicated to creating a series of events that is all about world-class graphical programming, organised by the community for the community.

Established in 2017, GDevCon held their first conference in Cambridge, UK, on 4-5th September 2018 at Murray Edwards College. The event was attended by over 140 developers, and actually had to be moved from their first venue, Girton College, to accommodate the higher than expected demand for tickets.

The event does not mandate any level of certification, unlike the CLA Summits, enabling access to developers who don't choose to attain any formal accreditation.

Based on the success of GDevCon#1, GDevCon intend to build on the format and organise additional conferences.

Visit the GDevCon website to learn more about GDevCon and their future conferences.

A full set of presentation videos (of very high AV quality) are available on YouTube.