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GDevCon is an independent conference open to all graphical developers. It exists to help LabVIEW developers in teams learn and level up together, and it aims to help solve real problems encountered everyday by LabVIEW developers.

Designed as a series of events, GDevCon is focused on delivering world-class graphical programming material, from the community for the community. The conferences last several days and feature presentations by LabVIEW peers from around the world ​ The events do not mandate any level of certification, unlike the CLA Summits, enabling developers who don't choose to attain any formal accreditation to build connections to the LabVIEW community.

GDevCon is run by the GDevCon Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation that is independent from system vendors.


GDevCon #2

GDevCon#2 will take place Birmingham, UK, on 21-22nd August at the Unique Venues Birmingham (UVB). You can find more information in this mailing.


GDevCon #1

GDevCon#1 was held in Cambridge, UK, on 4-5th September 2018 at Murray Edwards College. The event was attended by over 140 developers, and actually had to be moved from their first venue, Girton College, to accommodate the higher than expected demand for tickets.

The success of GDevCon#1 proved that the LabVIEW community has matured to the point of running its own events in addition to NI's conferences.


The idea of GDevCon was born in the summer of 2017. In a discussion in June 2017 on the NI Champions forum, Steve Watts had jested about a new, community-driven LabVIEW event, and was backed up by Richard Thomas. The idea slowly evolved, with more and more people getting involved, who would finally form the GDevCon Alliance. The first company meeting of GDevCon Ltd. was held in London in November 2017. A tweet on 5th of December 2017 by Steve Watts finally announced the project to the public.

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