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The Design Patterns Portal
Design Patterns, also know as software design patterns, is a reusable solution to a software engineering problem. Design patterns give the developer a starting point and can help improve efficiency, readability, scalability, and maintainability. By starting with a commonly known design pattern, the software becomes easier to read and understand for other developers familiar with the design pattern.
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The levels shown below are not the level of difficulty but the level of complexity or the amount of parallel processes that could be running simultaneously.

Basic Design Patterns

Basic design patterns deal with simple patterns of at least one loop, or multiple loops with communication happening in just one direction between the loops.

Single Loop

Multiple Loop

Intermediate Design Patterns

Intermediate design patterns deal with multi-loop patterns usually implementing a messaging scheme communicating bi-directional between the loops.


Other Topics

Advanced Design Patterns

Advanced design patterns deals with multiple modules with multiple loops that communicate through a messaging scheme between the loops and between the modules.

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