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VI Server Property Information
Property ID 633203C
Scope Private
Data Name Genericity
Short Name* Genericity
Long Name* Genericity
* Displayed here in English. Short and Long names appear in the language of the LabVIEW IDE.
Owning Class ID 6
Owning Class Name Control Class
Data Type Boolean data type


Property Node Genericity


When True, the control or indicator will change to match the type of whatever data is wired to it, resulting in behavior similar to a Malleable VI. A VI containing a control or indicator with this property set to True becomes a Generic VI. Do not use this property. Generic VI's are an unfinished, abandoned feature of LabVIEW which is liable to cause crashes and corruption. Use a Malleable VI instead.


Version Change(s)
LabVIEW 2018 More info to come.

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