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The application builder (AB) is a part of the LabVIEW Project environment, it has the possibilities to distribute your code in various ways:

  • Executables
  • DLLs
  • Source distributions
  • Web services
  • Installers
  • Packages

Depending on the LabVIEW version you have one or more of the above options might be missing.



The application builder has several interesting advanced uses

Automatic building

You can use a VI inside vi.lib that can build without user interaction. The VI is located in <vi.lib>\AppBuilder\ This VI takes a project path and optionally a build and target name as parameters.

Symbolic paths

Inside the application builder LabVIEW uses several symbolic paths to have envorinment dependent variables.

Symbolic path
Name of the project
Automatically place the build in a folder that is named after the project
Name of the (Real-Time) target