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Let's make the table design reusable

@Q, @MichaelAivaliotis: I like the new tables and would like to use the same style on other pages. However, to avoid copying styles between pages, we should extend the common CSS file for LabVIEW Wiki (MediaWiki:Common.css) i.e. by adding a new class for "labviewwikitable". What is your opinion on this? --Logmanoriginal (talk) 18:00, 10 May 2020 (UTC)

@Logmanoriginal, @MichaelAivaliotis: A new table class would be nice. I have been trying to reorganize pages lately. My intention is to redo the Portals similar to how @MichaelAivaliotis had it to begin with. I'm thinking that each of the buttons I have on the Home Page would be a Portal. I came up with the design for the Portal page with inspiration from Wikipedia's Portal pages Wikipedia:Portal:Mathematics. We should probably namespace these pages as Wikipedia has done as well. Then all articles should have categories/subcategories that navigate down from there. Some pages could be linked to from multiple trees.
@Q, @MichaelAivaliotis: The CSS is read-only, so @MichaelAivaliotis will have to change it. There is also a need for a mobile version but I would like to have a test environment before doing such changes to the live system. I'm still investigating if there is a best practice for this. Anyway, I like what you are doing with the portals. If you want to add "real" namespaces, you need to register them in LocalSettings.php. Here is a description on how that is done: Using custom namespaces. Again, this is probably something only @MichaelAivaliotis can do. Portals should also be read-only to regular visitors. --Logmanoriginal (talk) 17:49, 11 May 2020 (UTC)