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Recursion in computer science is defined as a function that includes itself as part of its definition but also includes an exit condition. Put simply, recursion is a function that calls itself, until it doesn't. In LabVIEW this means a VI that can calls itself as a SubVI where the SubVI call is in a Case Structure so that a determination can be made whether the VI needs to call itself again or be done and return.


To make a VI allowed to call itself as a SubVI it must be set to reentrant. To set a VI to reentrant:

  1. Open the VI Properties dialog
  2. Click on the Category->Execution
  3. Under Reentrancy radio buttons, select the Shared clone reentrant execution
  4. Then click OK

The VI is now set to reentrant. To use, simply drag the VI Icon to the VI's Block Diagram.



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