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Ned, the friendly configuration manager is a debug feature of LabVIEW in form of a window with list of options. The private, internal set of settings available on that list allow changing various aspects of LabVIEW inner mechanisms.

These settings are not saved across LabVIEW sessions, but many of the options are also valid LabVIEW configuration file keys.

Enabling Ned Options

Like Heap Peek, Ned Options keyboard shortcut is by default disabled in fresh installations of LabVIEW. To enable it:

Then, to trigger the Ned Options window:

  • Open your VI
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+D+N. On Mac, use the command key instead of CTRL. This will open the Ned Options window.

Using Ned Options

Clicking once on a option will switch it, cycling through two or more values.