NI PXI Platform Services Error Code Family

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Below are all of the Error Codes that belong to the NI PXI Platform Services Error Code Family (see Error List for list of Families).

Code Description
-313253 NI Chassis Management Service was not found.
-313252 Invalid parameter.
-313251 The requested attribute is not supported.
-313250 A software fault occurred.
-313234 There is already a firmware update in progress.
-313233 The user entered invalid credentials.
-313232 The firmware update failed.
-313231 The provided firmware image is invalid.
-313230 The firmware is currently pending a reboot. No further updates can be applied until the reboot is complete.
-313229 The caller has insufficient privileges to perform the requested operation.
-313228 The firmware returned an unexpected value.
-313227 The requested operation is unsupported for the chassis.
-313226 The self-test has failed.
-313225 An unexpected error occurred.
-313224 One or more of the provided arguments are invalid.
-313223 Insufficient memory is available to complete the operation.
-313222 The specified resource was not found.
-313221 The provided session ID is invalid.
-313220 The buffer is too small for the requested data.
-313212 Invalid parameter.
-313211 No parameter supplied when one was required.
-313210 An invalid command option was supplied.
-313206 The chassis is not fully operational because it contains an embedded controller whose identification is unknown.
-313205 The chassis is not present in the system.
-313204 The MXI link has timed out.
-313203 The item failed to initialize.
-313202 The chassis is not in the pxisys.ini or pxiesys.ini file.
-313201 The System API framework is not available.
-313200 A bus selected to be the root of a PXI chassis for creation cannot be a chassis due to topological constraints.
-313193 HTTP connection could not be initialized.
-313192 Network Read/Write error.
-313191 Network Send/Receive error.
-313190 HTTP request returned an error.
-313189 Remote access denied.
-313188 HTTP connection could not be established.
-313187 Protocol is not supported.
-313186 Content type already specified.
-313185 The connection to the chassis timed out over HTTP.
-313177 The receive buffer has overflowed on the chassis.
-313176 The chassis cannot perform the requested operation in the current SMBus state.
-313175 A packet was sent out of sequence.
-313174 The SMBus operation requested is invalid for the current SMBus state.
-313173 The SMBus token provided was invalid.
-313172 The protocol version specified is not compatible with this chassis.
-313171 The chassis has no more tokens available.
-313170 This is a SMBus error unknown to this version of the CMC API.
-313159 The token to the target is invalid or has expired.
-313158 An exclusive operation is being performed and cannot be interrupted.
-313157 An invalid parameter was sent to the target.
-313156 The network query to the target was invalid.
-313155 The target is missing a sensor necessary for operation.
-313154 The target was unable to communicate over SMBus.
-313153 The target was unable to download the firmware file.
-313152 The target is reporting a hardware failure.
-313151 An internal error on the target has occurred.
-313150 The target is out of memory.
-313137 The firmware you selected requires a newer version of the driver software than what is currently installed.
-313136 There is already a firmware update in progress.
-313135 The user entered invalid credentials.
-313134 The backplane polling has already been disabled.
-313133 The mutex is not owned by the token.
-313132 The mutex was not successfully acquired.
-313131 Generic firmware update requested on generic chassis session.
-313130 The attribute type is not the correct class for processing function. (i.e. Passing a U32 attribute to a String function.)
-313129 Data must be non-zero length to be packetized.
-313128 The checksum in the chassis does not match the firmware image.
-313127 Could not open the file at the specified path
-313126 Could not obtain a handle from the SMBus driver.
-313125 An error internal to the CMC API occurred.
-313124 The version provided does not match the expected format.
-313123 An invalid response was received from the chassis.
-313122 The content type specified is invalid.
-313121 The specified resource is not supported.
-313120 The input buffer size is too small.
-313119 The caller does not have the necessary privilege level to perform the requested operation.
-313118 The specified session ID does not exist.
-313117 The firmware image is not formatted correctly or is corrupted.
-313116 The requested attribute is not supported.
-313115 Operation is not supported on this platform.
-313114 StartBatchUpdate was called, but a batch is already in progress.
-313113 The requested operation can only be executed in batch mode, but no batch is in progress.
-313112 One or more parameters to this function were invalid.
-313111 The provided index was out of range.
-313110 Could not obtain a http handle.
-313098 A reboot is required to activate the requested static trigger settings.
-313097 An operation was requested that is only valid on identified components, and this component is not identified.
-313096 A value was found in the database that was not expected, or an object that should be present was missing.
-313095 The requested chassis does not have trigger bridges.
-313094 A software fault occurred.
-313093 The requested object was not found in the database.
-313092 Invalid Parameter.
-313091 The requested controller does not support retransmit count.
-313090 An attempt was made to create an object in the database that already exists.
-313085 Could not load the dynamic library.
-313084 Supplied buffer is not large enough.
-313083 Session has either been not opened or already closed.
-313082 WinAPI LoadString() failed.
-313081 The requested locale is not supported.
-313080 Unknown Error.
-313069 The requested feature is not supported.
-313068 One or more of the parameters provided is invalid.
-313067 The trigger router session provided is invalid.
-313066 The trigger source line mode is unknown.
-313065 The provided source bus and destination bus is not a valid match.
-313064 The provided bus number is invalid.
-313063 The source trigger line does not match the destination trigger line.
-313062 The trigger line provided is not a valid line number.
-313061 The chassis identifier provided is invalid.
-313060 The session already exists.
-313053 The API does not support the creation of the specified vendor / model.
-313052 Another embedded controller already exists.
-313051 An error occurred creating/accessing backing store file.
-313050 An error occurred creating/accessing backing store lock.
-313049 The operation requested is not supported.
-313048 Boost threw an interprocess exception.
-313047 The pxiident.ini file is malformed.
-313046 The trigger line is already in use.
-313045 The chassis number requested is already in use.
-313044 The component being added already exists.
-313043 Trigger routing is not supported on this chassis.
-313042 The system ran out of memory.
-313041 The nipxicfgapi session handle is invalid.
-313040 The component referenced cannot be found.
-313039 The notification registration is not found.
-313038 A parameter does not satisfy the requirements of the function.
-313037 The attribute ID is not recognized or is not supported.
-313036 No batch operation was started.
-313035 An error occurred when reading from Pxisys.ini.
-313034 The configuration has not been initialized.
-313033 An error when an unsupported MXI link type is presented in the system.
-313032 The buffer passed in was not large enough.
-313031 An unknown internal error occurred.
-313030 An event handler for the client threw an exception.
-26904 The requested property of the controller link could not be determined.
-26903 A required component is missing, probably due to an installation error.
-26902 The contents of the controller INI file are invalid.
-26901 One or more fields in the chassis EEPROM are invalid.
-26900 The chassis EEPROM checksum is invalid.
-25085 The firmware version on the device is incompatible with the driver version.
-25084 Chassis I2C error detected.
-25083 Chassis I2C error.
-25082 The chassis model is not supported by the monitoring device.
-25081 The monitoring device is in the incorrect chassis slot. To be functional, it must be in the right-most slot of a supported PXI chassis.
-25080 Invalid Parameter
313030 One or more components failed to enumerate properly.
313031 The requested high density trigger port is disconnected.
313060 The provided session ID does not exist.
313061 The trigger router cannot be found on the system.
313062 The trigger router failed to initialize.
313080 Unknown Warning.
313090 An error occurred retrieving one of more chassis from the database.
313110 The mutex was acquired successfully, but it was orphaned.
313111 An attribute was set on multiple targets.
313120 An SMBus retry occurred due to an SMBus error condition.
313130 Unable to communicate with the rear expansion module on the chassis
313200 The PXIe chassis appears to have a blank or otherwise invalid serial number.