NI PCI Bridge Driver Error Code Family

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Below are all of the Error Codes that belong to the NI PCI Bridge Driver Error Code Family (see Error List for list of Families).

Code Description
-313012 Operation access denied. Log into the system as an administrator and try again.
-313011 Operation execution timeout.
-313010 Invalid EEPROM configuration. Verify the validation signature and bits sent to the Command/Status Register.
-313009 The provided session ID is invalid.
-313008 An unexpected error occurred.
-313007 The EEPROM image is not formatted correctly or is corrupt.
-313006 You must open the applicable bridge before the requested operation can be performed.
-313005 The bridge you attempted to open is already open.
-313004 The requested operation is not supported.
-313003 No bridge meeting the desired parameters was found.
-313002 The provided buffer is insufficient for the requested data.
-313001 An error occurred retrieving properties from a PCI Bridge.
-313000 The provided parameter is out of range, or does not map to a valid bridge.