NI HSAI-RIO DevCaps Error Code Family

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Below are all of the Error Codes that belong to the NI HSAI-RIO DevCaps Error Code Family (see Error List for list of Families).

Code Description
-1074101479 Invalid coupling type.
-1074101478 Invalid exported clock.
-1074101477 Invalid reference clock rate.
-1074101476 Invalid reference clock source.
-1074101475 Invalid external clock rate.
-1074101474 Invalid external clock source.
-1074101473 Invalid bandwidth type.
-1074101472 Invalid vertical range.
-1074101471 Invalid impedance.
-1074101470 Invalid channel.
-1074101469 Invalid vertical offset.
-1074101468 Invalid output terminal.
-1074101467 Invalid value.
-1074101466 Invalid value.
-1074101465 Invalid device capability type.
-1074101396 Invalid onboard sample clock rate.