NI Controller Driver Error Code Family

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Below are all of the Error Codes that belong to the NI Controller Driver Error Code Family (see Error List for list of Families).

Code Description
-26941 The firmware file is not supported by this software version.
-26940 The firmware unexpectedly failed to update. The system may fail to reboot if the update is not successfully applied. Please re-attempt the update until it applies successfully. If this error persists, contact NI support.
-26939 The firmware updating failed.
-26938 The provided firmware image is invalid.
-26937 An unexpected error occurred.
-26936 The caller has insufficient privileges to perform the requested operation.
-26935 One or more of the provided arguments are invalid.
-26934 The requested operation is unsupported for the controller.
-26933 Insufficient memory is available to complete the operation.
-26932 No supported controller is available.
-26931 The provided session ID is invalid.
-26930 The buffer is too small for the requested data.